Designation Maintenance

CRS Designees are required to take two hours of RRC Education within a calendar year, in addition to paying their dues, to maintain their designation standing. The CRS Designation is the most recognized and prestigious professional designation in the industry and this new continued learning requirement is designed to help reinforce the value and distinction of the CRS Designation.

The new requirement takes effect for the 2018 renewal period. CRS Designees have the entire calendar year prior to renewal to earn the two hours of education credit they need. The Council recognizes, based upon a study of other professions with continuing education requirements, professionals learn in a variety of ways, from participating in classes to reading professional materials. The two hours can be fulfilled by taking any RRC classroom course, eLearning course, elective course, live or recorded RRC webinar, approved State RRC or Local Network event, or by attending Sell-a-bration. 

The fastest way to achieve your annual designation maintenance requirement is to read two articles from The Residential Specialist magazine and then take a FREE 2-credit quiz.

For your convenience, here are the latest articles and the corresponding quiz:  

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A list of free webinars that fulfill the requirement is provided below.

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