CRS Volunteer Opportunities



Any CRS member can make a difference. Volunteer leadership positions at CRS provide an opportunity for members to exchange best practices and provide feedback and advice on the Council’s planned programs and initiatives. Volunteering at CRS can help members enhance leadership skills in their professional and personal lives while making a valuable contribution to the Council.

Click here for descriptions and eligibility requirments for CRS Volunteer Opportunities.


2018 First Vice President/Board of Directors

The Council's new governance structure is made up of thought leaders dedicated to advancing excellence, innovation, and accountability to help better position the organization for the future. Our competency-based board is made up of nine members (including 4 officers and one outside board member).


We are currently accepting online applications for the following positions:


2018 First Vice President


2018 Board of Directors


  • one 3-year term position
  • one 1-year term position


Each candidate will be required to:


  • Review and understand the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the First Vice President positions (Download here)
  • Upload a professional resume to your application
  • Upload a signed affidavit verifying level of transactions over past three years to your application (Download here)
  • Submit names for five (5) references of which no more than three (3) should be from CRS Designees.


First Vice President

  • Applicants will need to upload a completed Legal Audit Form (Download here)


As the recognized foremost leader among residential REALTORS, the Council is well positioned to grow and prosper.  Be part of the exciting journey CRS in on - help further shape its future by submitting your application!


Applications were due Feb 1, 2017.



CRS Committees and Mastermind Divisions
(Applications are currently closed)


Education and training that can help in working with buyers, sellers, business building or professional development.

If you are interested in:


  • Developing financial policies and monitoring adherence for the Council.
  • Recommending nominations for leadership positions.
  • Education and training that can help in working with buyers, sellers, business building or professional development
  • Helping State CRS leadership teams to coordinate local activities, increase membership, engage local members and expand learning opportunities.
  • Marketing and promotion that can help increase awareness and understanding of the CRS Designation among buyers, sellers, the industry and globally.

Applications for 2018 volunteer positions open May 2017 are due June 2017.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

CRS regularly has calls for Presidential Advisory Groups (PAGs) and taskforces (TFs). Below is a list of current PAGs or taskforces. Please stay tuned for call for volunteers through CRS Connect and other channels.


  • Instructor PAG
  • Designation Requirements PAG