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Volunteer Opportunities


Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your real estate community, and it can have many benefits for you as well.

  • Develop new skills you wouldn’t otherwise find in your career. As a leader, you may learn how to motivate people, organize events and implement new ideas.
  • Foster lasting personal and professional relationships among your peers that lead to opportunities for referrals and business growth.
  • Join the RRC Family, and connect with like-minded professionals around the country.

The Council offers both local and national volunteer opportunities to members. We encourage you to volunteer with RRC and your peers.  National and local volunteer opportunities are listed below.

Short Term Volunteer Opportunities

Please click here to submit your interest for short term volunteering opportunities, which may include short surveys, subject matter expert, TRS magazine source, and Presidential Advisory Groups (PAGs), etc.

Become a Mentor

Please click here to become a mentor and help like minded REALTORS foster personal and profession growth. Provide mentees help by directing their future, expanding their professional network and gain another perspective on the real estate industry.

National Committees and Mastermind Divisions

The Council's President-Elect appoints volunteers for open positions on national committees and mastermind divisions for the following year.  Most of these groups require attendance at the May and Annual Meetings each year at the member's expense.

The application opens yearly in August with the terms beginning the following year. Appointment notifications are emailed to committee members in October.

For more information, please email

  • Awards Committee

  • Code of Conduct Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Leadership Development Committee

  • Mastermind Divisions

  • Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee

Board of Directors

The Council's governance structure is made up of thought leaders dedicated to advancing excellence, innovation and accountability to help better position the organization for the future.  Our competency-based board is made up of nine members including four officers and one outside board member.  The board is accountable for the oversight and control of the properties, funds, and activities of the Council.  Click here for the responsibility of the Board and eligibility requirements.

  • 2021 Board of Directors

Applications are now open!  Click here to apply by November 20, 2019!

Regional Vice Presidents Committee

A Regional Vice President is responsible for coordinating the work of all RVPs by sharing ideas and best practices on assisting individual states or regions.  The committee is made up of thirteen members along with one alternate.  Click here for the eligibility requirements and role of the Regional Vice President.

  • 2021 Regional Vice Presidents

Open Local Positions

  • Network Directors

  • Finance Leader

  • Education Leader

  • Membership Leader

  • Communications Leader