Volunteer Opportunities


Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteering has a meaningful, positive impact on your real estate community, and it can have many benefits for you as well.

  • Develop new skills you wouldn’t otherwise find in your career. As a leader, you may learn how to motivate people, organize events and implement new ideas.
  • Experience a sense of achievement and motivation, generated from your desire and enthusiasm to help others that can help boost your career.
  • Foster lasting personal and professional relationships among your peers that lead to opportunities for referrals and business growth.
  • Join the RRC Family, and connect with like-minded professionals around the country.

The Council offers both local and national volunteer opportunities to members. National volunteer opportunities are listed below. To volunteer locally, contact the State leader in your area.

Any member of the Council can make a difference. Volunteer leadership positions at the Council provide an opportunity for members to exchange best practices and provide feedback and advice on the Council’s planned programs and initiatives. Volunteering at the Council can help members enhance leadership skills in their professional and personal lives while making a valuable contribution to the Council.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Council’s volunteer structure includes Officers and Board of Directors, Regional Vice Presidents, Committees, Subcommittees, Mastermind Divisions, Presidential Advisory Groups (PAGs) and Task Forces. Read more detailed descriptions and eligibility requirements (PDF).

  • Applications for 2020 Regional Vice President will open January 2019.
  • Applications for 2020 Board of Directors and First Vice President will open January 2019.  To apply, each candidate is required to:

• Review the responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the First Vice President positions (download here)
• Complete an application and self-assessment
• Upload a professional resume to your application (Opens January 2019)
• Upload a signed affidavit verifying level of transactions over past three years to your application (download here)
• Submit names for five references, of which no more than three should be CRS Designees.
• First Vice President applicants must also upload a completed Legal Audit Form (download here)

  • Applications for the following volunteer opportunities are currently closed:

• 2019 Finance Committee
• 2019 Leadership Development Committee
• 2019 Mastermind Divisions
• 2019 Code of Conduct Committee
• 2019 Awards Committee

Applications for 2020 volunteer opportunities will open in August 2019.

The Council regularly has calls for Presidential Advisory Groups (PAGs) and taskforces (TFs). Please stay tuned for call for volunteers through the Connect newsletter and other channels.