Education Division

Education Division

The Education Mastermind Division provides an opportunity for members, instructors, and course sponsors to exchange ideas, information, best practices, and education that help residential specialists enhance their practice, achieve greater success, and elevate the profession. The members of the group volunteer their time in reviewing courses, presentations, and sessions that the Council offers including those at its annual Sell-a-bration event.

The group consists of co-leaders and 75 at-large members.

Matthew Rathbun, CRS
Maurice Taylor, CRS
Staff Liaison

Peter Glowacki


Chris Bird

Gregory Brockman

Alex Camelio

Dale Carlton

Ane Casady

Jack Cotton

Nikki Crowder

Cyndi Cumings

Gee Dunsten

Josephine Easton

Pamela Ermen

Kristin Ferguson

Rozalyn Franklin

Damon Gilmore

Mark Given

Craig Grant

Kristy Hairston

Chandra Hall

Janet Hamm

Tim Hur

Matthew Hurlbert

Jason Jakus

Jeanette Jenkins

William Jennings

Kim Knapp

Jackie Leavenworth

Marki Lemons

Leslie Lewis

Sharon Lunski

Nora Lynch

James Martin

Juanita McDowell

Colleen McKean

Gonzalo Mejia

Karen Mistrot

James Nellis

Monica Neubauer

Sandra Nickel

Heather Ozur

Karen Parent

Lisa Parenteau

Mark Porter

Louis Price

Karen Randolph

Irina Riley

Rich Sands

Michael Selvaggio

Frank Serio

Jodi Sherretts

Rebecca Straley

Michael Straley

Kristie Tindall

William Tong

Beverlee Vidoli

Carolyn Webber

Barbara Wilson

Alison Wisnom

Debbie Yost

Cheryl Young

Pat Zaby