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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops financial policies for the Council, monitors adherence to those policies, and establishes decision-making and policy development criteria for recommendations that have budgetary impacts. 

Alex Milshteyn, CRS

Richard Waystack, CRS
Michael Burkhard, CRS
Gary Williams, CRS

Members at Large
Donna Baez, CRS
Marie Presti, CRS
Jeremy Purcell, CRS
Mark Shepherd, CRS
Susan E. Smith, CRS

Staff Liaison
Keith Tristano 


Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for recommending nominations for President, President-elect and First Vice President of the Council and Board of Directors. Additionally, this committee reviews the recommendations for Regional Vice Presidents and Leadership Development Committee before going to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Gary Williams, CRS
Alex Milshteyn, CRS

Members at Large
Sasha Farmer, CRS
Phyliss Graham, CRS
Stacie Krause, CRS
Rose LaPira, CRS
Ruth Malkin, CRS
Sandra Nickel, CRS
Carolyn Webber, CRS

Lana Vukovljak

Staff Liaison
Patricia Stodolny

Regional Vice Presidents Committee

The Regional Vice Presidents Committee is responsible for coordinating the work of all RVPs by sharing ideas and best practices on providing assistance to individual states or regions.

Rise’ Johns, CRS

Paula Angelopoulos Urbinati, CRS
Raul Azpiazu, CRS
Sandy Borman, CRS
Gloria Byington, CRS 
Sara Calo, CRS 
Ellis Gardner, CRS
Fred McElroy, CRS
Sandy McRae, CRS
Marianne McNally, CRS
Margie Medlin, CRS
Kimbra Rickert, CRS
Dawn Stevens, CRS 
Maria Woodul, CRS

Staff Liaison
Colleen McMahon

Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee

The Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee conducts interviews for the Regional Vice President positions and makes recommendations to the Leadership Development Committee.

Candis Dorsch, CRS

Members at Large
Jan Brito, CRS
Jeff Dowler, CRS
April Gayle Gausman, CRS
Sally Sparks, CRS
Staff Liaison
Colleen McMahon

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee recommends award winners to the Board of Directors, including the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Janelle Pfleiger, CRS

Members at Large
Kendra Anderson-Zadnik, CRS
Jeffrey DeMoura, CRS
Karen Parent, CRS
Landa Pennington, CRS
Ellen Shorb, CRS
Rita Tayenaka, CRS
Staff Liaison
Colleen McMahon
Matt Schroeder

Code of Conduct Committee

The Code of Conduct Committee is responsible for interpreting, administering, and enforcing the Volunteer Code of Conduct of the Residential Real Estate Council.

Gary Williams, CRS
Members at Large
Ane Casady, CRS
Jen MacLay, CRS
Rene Sheridan, CRS
Christopher Tenggren, CRS

Lana Vukovljak