Career Paths in Real Estate

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The field of Real Estate can be rewarding professionally and financially for you. Whether you are looking to be licensed REALTOR® or just starting out and would like to apply your skills and experiences to helping a local real estate office with their Marketing or Office administration, the RRC self-assessment can help you consider your options. These self-assessments help highlight the key skills that distinguish successful individuals in the role while providing  you recommendations to help enhance your abilities and succeed. Select one of the quick self-assessments below and start learning about the different occupations:

Take One of the Online Self-Assessments Today and:

  • Learn about occupations in real estate that are potentially a good match for you
  • Decide where you may need more training or experience
  • Identify the skills that will help you set yourself apart and succeed
  • Consider careers in real estate that you may not have thought about before
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