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Past National Presidents Statement

Apr 07, 2023

As past elected leaders of this organization, we feel it is important to make a statement regarding the action of the RRC Board of Directors to make a change in leadership. Like many of you, we followed the information shared online and the passionate reactions from some members. While we no longer serve in a direct governing capacity, we care deeply about this organization.  At their invitation, we met with the current leadership to discuss the matter, confirm proper stewardship of the organization, and offer guidance as needed.

We are not here to discuss or debate the leadership changes at the Council, but we want to assure the membership that the process under which the action was taken adhered to the documents that govern this organization and that a duly elected body made the decision.

We respect and appreciate the importance of examining and improving our processes for the good of the organization. While the recent exchanges may suggest a time of division, we see it as a sign of a healthy organization with members who care and are committed to always striving to be better—far preferable to apathetic members. The current leadership welcomes ideas for change brought forward respectfully. Discussions of specific ideas are already underway in conversations with your past national presidents. Your leaders and senior staff are listening.

A healthy organization is constantly changing. The pendulum may swing, but it does not go backward. We ask members and leaders to respect this organization’s history and the necessity of change if we are to grow and thrive. We can only ensure positive changes by bringing together stakeholders for a productive dialog. Now is the time for all parties to come together and sit down face-to-face to seek some common ground civilly and professionally. We ask for your support in this. Thank you.


Chip Morrison – 1985

Susan Anderson – 1993

Judy Sykes – 1995

Myra Zollinger – 1997

Toni Sherman - 1999

Gail Flagel – 2004

Michael Selvaggio – 2008

Frank Serio – 2011

Mary McCall – 2013

Ron Canning – 2014

Dale Carlton – 2015

Janelle Pfleiger – 2016

Michael Burkhard – 2019

Richard Waystack – 2020

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