A Word from the President

2017 President
Leigh Brown, CRS

Looking Ahead

2017 is here! Have you decided what you’re going to do to make this year different than the past? Even if you’ve been a top producing agent, you know that you have to do something new to maintain your prowess.
What you’re going to get from me and from the Council this year is a whole lot of doing. Sure, I’ve had some great ideas in my 17 years of real estate—but the success has come more from implementation than innovation.
I want to re-focus on our core competency of being the BEST real estate education on the planet—not just ‘as good as’ or ‘better than,’ but the best. You’ll see new classes and instructors, and we need to hear from you as to what gaps you’d like filled.
I also want to add a deeper dimension to the reputation of the CRS agent. There is a natural affinity here with the REALTOR® Party (aka RPAC). Sixty-two percent of our members are already investors. I’m issuing a challenge that CRS become known as the home of the top producers who are also Major Investors in RPAC.
You’re also going to see new ideas, tons of social media activity (so if you’re not on the CRS Facebook page, make that happen pronto) and new, collaborative events with other organizations. And you’re going to hear me ask you for help a lot.
I’ve got energy, but without yours, it’s not enough to change the world! I’m asking everyone who belongs to CRS for One Hour this year. Perhaps you’ll give it by taking a class, or by being an ambassador, or by volunteering at one event locally, or serving on a state group or a national committee, or by being a social media advocate. There are tons of ways that we can be amplified by each of you. There are over 30,000 CRS members. What would happen in our industry if we had 30,000+ hours invested in making things better?
Use my hashtag #onehour when you’re doing CRS work.
And as you think about your engagement in your communities, let’s show the world that REALTORS® are indeed #morethanhouses. We are the fabric of our communities.
We are the fabric of real estate life. We are CRS.