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The year ahead - letter from the 2021 RRC President Alex Milshteyn, CRS

Jan 06, 2021
Contact: Kimberly Cure
               (312) 321-4428


This is a unique time to serve as the Council’s new president—it’s a period filled with opportunities and challenges, and it’s a privilege to be given the chance to serve in this role. As the pandemic lingers on, how we work with homebuyers and sellers has required ongoing adjustments. At the same time, low interest rates, coupled with housing demand that outpaces supply, have pushed home sales into high gear.

Through it all, we continue to demonstrate our resilience as well as our commitment to attain greater heights—both individually and as an organization. We’re in a time that lends itself to shining a brighter light on the significance of the CRS Designation, as well as the educational programs and resources the Council provides to its members. Amid a set of challenges that none of us could have predicted, we have grown stronger together, and we are continuing to progress and elevate our careers in so many ways.

As the 2021 RRC president, my primary focus this year is on our strategic initiatives. The Council’s Marketing and Engagement Sales Force is centered around growing membership and supporting and promoting the Independent Broker Initiative which helps to provide much-needed resources to independent brokers. The Council is investing staff and financial resources to implement these initiatives, and to ultimately offer more services to our members. We are not limited by ideas, but only by our capacity to realize them, and as we execute the goals within each program, greater opportunities for growth will manifest.

The majority of brokers in the U.S. are independent brokers, and they don’t have easy access to the resources they need for continuous growth and success in their businesses. Our Independent Broker Initiative will provide those vital resources to independent brokers

The marketing and engagement sale force will be help support, encourage, and connect real estate agents to services and solutions provided by RRC. The Sale force will work closely with all aspects of the organization to ensure successful deployment of projects, initiatives, and more.

Today, we can be proud of our achievements and for our hope, aspirations and visions for the future. In 2021, we will utilize our passion. We will contribute to the development of new ideas, energize and engage our members, and continue to create educational programs and business tools to better meet the needs of our members, so that you can better meet the needs of your clients.

Alex Milshteyn, CRS
2021 RRC President