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RRC Staff Furlough Days

Jul 02, 2020
Contact: Kimberly Cure
               (312) 321-4428

In response to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic in the residential real estate and association industries, RRC looked at new ways of adapting that allow us to best serve our members in the short term and to ensure we are well positioned to continue serving them well into the future. 

One of the primary goals at the outset was to keep members and staff safe and to maintain RRC operations throughout this period without having to conduct layoffs.  We believe that our staff are essential to the success of the organization and to prevent layoffs, we reviewed many cost-cutting options and determined that furlough days would have the least impact on RRC; the furlough day option can be planned for, it’s temporary and it can be eliminated if the market improves.

Staff leadership discussed how the furlough days would be taken and we determined that the best approach is to close our office with everyone on the same furlough day rather than staggering them - which will have the least negative impact on our service to members. So, on July 6th, all RRC operations will be closed due to the furlough day. We will be sure to inform you of any all-office closures in the future due to furlough days as well.

We hope you have a great holiday weekend and look forward to reconnecting with you on July 7th.

Lana Vukovljak