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A Message From the CEO

Mar 30, 2020
Contact: Kimberly Cure
               (312) 321-4428

To our valued members,

I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a rough few weeks for everyone, as we learn to balance the safety and social responsibilities in our work and at home and adjust to this new normal. We hope you know that you’re not facing it alone. These times call for us to unite together because the things that hurt us today can make us even stronger.

I believe it is important for us to stay optimistic at heart. I am encouraged by knowing that we can learn and adapt so that we emerge stronger than ever on a personal level – and therefore better than ever as a company when all is said and done. We at RRC are in touch through technology and video conferencing, and we encourage members to do the same in all areas of your life – stay connected to each other because we are in this together.

As the global impact of the COVID-19 continues to unfold, the Council has reached out to our members nationally and internationally to share some steps you can take to continue to operate your business. Our first priority is to make sure you stay safe and stay healthy, so here are some ways you can serve your customers and stay connected…

If your state is still legally allowed to do showings, here are tips to do them safely:

For sellers:

  • Open all doors before and sanitize the knobs afterward.
  • Leave cabinet doors and other space buyers will want to see open.
  • Turn on any needed lights before showing.
  • Keep windows and doors open to let fresh air flow throughout.

For buyers:

  • Refrain from touching any surface.
  • Use your own car, do not carpool.
  • Wear booties or shoe covers while inside.
  • Always bring your own hand sanitizer.

You may be stuck (at home) but your business doesn’t have to be. Get prepared now for when we are on the other side of this:

  • Build leads online by blogging and branding yourself as a community expert.
  • Stay connected through social media: comment, retweet, like, and share!
  • Learn something new from attending an eLearning class or webinar.
  • Try new tech tools like virtual staging tools or a mobile-friendly video marketing tool.
  • Send handwritten notes to keep in touch with your sphere in a meaningful, personal way.
We hope you have taken advantage of some of our free webinars, and continue expanding your knowledge with our virtual education. Because now, more than ever, your goal to sharpen your professional skills and personal growth will define the role you play in a post-COVID-19 world.

I am inspired as I see how communities across the world are coming together to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. RRC is part of your community and we are dedicated to supporting our members near and far during this unprecedented time. We will be there for you… during this time and always.

Stay healthy and safe!

Lana Vukovljak