Outreach Division

The Outreach Mastermind Division provides a supportive community for RRC members and volunteer leaders to discuss marketing, PR and promotional outreach opportunities and coordinate activities.

The group consists of co-leaders and 75 at-large members.

Margie Medlin
Joe Schutt

Staff Liaison
Anthony Priore


Marilyn Adams

Bruce Aillion

Jan Brito

Stephanie Burg-Brown

Jennie Chapin

Silvia Dukes

Jo Easton

Charlee Gowin

Erika Gudenkauf

Cindy Harvey

Nancy Heisel

Melanie Holthaus

Geri Kenyon

Joseph Kozoh

Daniel Lopez

Shirley Matlock

Marsha McConnell

Colleen McKean

Wendy McNeil

Tamara Moritz

Lynn Mortimer

Tricia Nekota

Vivian Pike

Penny Rafferty

Jerry Rippeteau

Lisa Rittenhouse

Sharon Rose

Maire Rosol

Lorie Jean Schult

Laura Shifrin

Ferne Silberman

Sandy Soli

Sally Sparks

Darlene Stouder

Nancy Suter

Crystal Swearington

Cindy Sweeney

Pat Tasker

Kristin Triolo

Selma Triplett

Paula Angelopoulos Urbinati

Candee Warren

Angela Williams

Karen Wolff

Holli Woodward

Cindy Wu

Arlene Yobs