Kurt Thompson, CRS

Kurt Thompson

A REALTOR® since 1997, with over 24 years of industry experience, I have dedicated my professional life to delivering the highest level of quality service to our clients, and helping to delivering the best REALTOR® Association experience possible to my fellow REALTOR® and RRC members. By developing a team approach to the real estate business, it has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my passion for excellence both within my personal business and through my volunteerism at the Local, State and National level of the REALTOR® organization and the Residential Real Estate Council (RRC).  Through a commitment to lifelong learning, a desire to continually improve upon myself and my business, and to positively impact the lives of those I come in contact with, I will always seek opportunities to be of greater service to our members. If fortunate to serve as a 2022-2023 Director, I will bring my strong business background, strategic planning skills, and deep understanding of our organizational priorities to the position of Director. Through visionary leadership blended with a deep respect for the history and culture of our association, I will seek to balance our need to embrace a dynamic future with our responsibility to protect our values and culture as a member focused organization!

Having served for 15 consecutives years in leadership with my Local and State Realtor Association, and the Residential Real Estate Council, 13 of those years as an officer of those associations, I bring with me a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom to serve RRC. Highlights of my service over the last 15 years include:

5 years of service as a Director with the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

11 years of service as a Director with Massachusetts Association of Realtors (MAR)

6 years of service as a Director with the North Central Massachusetts Association of Realtors (NCMAR)

5 years of service to RRC in the New England Region

2020 President - Massachusetts Association of Realtors

2018 RRC RVP for Region 1 New England

2016 Chair - Northeast Region RRC (MA,NH,VT,RI)

2011 NCMAR President

I look forward to serving you in 2022!

Kurt's views of the future of the profession and the direction of the Council:

Kurt Thompson, CRS

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