Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops financial policies for the Council, monitors adherence to those policies, and establishes decision-making and policy development criteria for recommendations that have budgetary impacts. 

Richard Waystack

Vice Chair
Michael Burkhard

Gary Williams

Immediate Past President
Leigh Brown

Chief Executive Officer

Lana Vukovljak

Staff Liaison
Keith Tristano

Members (Term Ending)
Kim Cameron (2018)
Ruth Malkin (2018)
Maura Neill (2019)
Jeremey Purcell (2019)
Susan E. Smith (2019)

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for recommending nominations for President, President-elect and First Vice President of the Council and Board of Directors. Additionally, this committee approves the recommendations for Regional Vice Presidents and Leadership Development Committee before going to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Leigh Brown

First Vice President 
Richard Waystack

Staff Liaison
Lana Vukovljak

Members (Term Ending)
Sasha Farmer (2019)
Zanthia Hastings (2018)
Robert Imperato (2018)
Rose La Pira (2019)
Jennifer MacLay (2018)
Sandra Nickel (2019)
Carolyn Webber (2019)

Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee

The Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee conducts interviews for the Regional Vice President positions and makes recommendations to the Leadership Development Committee.

Greg Waldhour

Staff Liasons
Colleen McMahon
Matt Schroeder

Jan Brito
Charlee Gowin
Rise' Johns
Margie McIntyre
Janelle Pfleiger
Sally Sparks