4 Steps Top Real Estate Agents Use To Organize Their Business

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“I regret organizing my house!”...said No One EVER.

Yet why are Real Estate Agents some of the worst procrastinators when it comes to organizing their businesses and their lives which will save them time AND make them more money? A streamlined system will finally get you on that road to being an organized and even more successful agent!

Wouldn't it be great:

  • Fix that messy desktop and be able to FIND your pictures, documents, files, and folders on ANY device or computer
  • To have ALL your client information in ONE PLACE and be able to add, edit, or update a client's info ANYWHERE and it automatically updates it everywhere
  • To have all your devices and computers SYNC and talk to each other
  • To finally be able to EASILY keep in touch with your past, current, and future clients in an automated system

Get everything in your digital life and business organized...and then keep it that way!

Meet Darci

Can systems and automation really improve an Agent's life, save them time, and make them more money?

Darci LaRocque truly believes that being organized does just that! In this very confusing world, from "What CRM should I use?" to "What email address is best", she breaks it all down to why it truly matters to have your systems in place. She has been in IT since the 90's, Darci taught tech tips for 3 seasons on a TV show, and 'fell' into working with Agents, when her husband became one. Once she fixed all HIS problems with tech and software integration, she found it wasn't just his issue but an industry one.

With her decades of IT experience, she brings a unique perspective to what works and what doesn't in the Real Estate Industry. Darci speaks at many National conferences like the National Association of REALTORS®, CREA, San Diego Association of REALTORS®, REBGV, and many brokerage conferences across North America. You will find her engaging and humorous while you learn more about how technology can literally change your life.

This webinar will show you how to:

  • Unlock the secrets to reclaiming your precious time and boosting your efficiency with our simple process to eliminate complicated system setups and messy desktops that serve as major time-wasters
  • Discover why consolidating to a single business email address can revolutionize your productivity, streamline communication, and enhance client satisfaction
  • Uncover the shocking truth of how an unorganized system could be costing you a staggering $117,000 per client, and learn how to avoid this financial pitfall
  • Bid farewell to the tedious task of entering data into multiple systems as we reveal a hassle-free approach that saves you time, energy, and resources

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