NO Power: The Power of a Very Short Word

1 Credit computer Webinars
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Agents get told, NO, all the time. So, what does it mean, how do you handle it, when is it a good thing?

This webinar will explore the power of the word NO. The power for both good and evil!  This session will help with accepting being told no and show you ways of changing it to YES!

Meet Rich

An experienced international presenter, Certified CRS Instructor, and keynote specialist, Rich Sands specializes in helping people master their sales skills in any situation. His flagship presentations, "Want Success? Focus on BS!," "Why Your Grandparents Should Direct Your Marketing," and "Creating Listing Abundance" integrate the key practices needed to engage and impress consumers of all kinds.

Here are some takeaways you can expect from this webinar:

  • What no really means
  • The consumer’s attachment to saying no
  • The dangers of the 3 A's
  • How to change no to yes
  • Learn to say no when you need to

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