6 Deadly Pricing Mistakes

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99% of the marketing to sell a house is in the pricing. When a house is positioned to make buyers feel excitement and urgency, the house will sell, quickly. This webinar will uncover the 6 deadly mistakes agents make when working with sellers to price homes and deliver strategies to never make those mistakes again.

It is very common for sellers to get upset or angry with their agent when the house isn't getting enough showings or offers. This webinar will teach agents how to position (price) houses in such a way that the burden of success is on the seller, not the agent. Learn to be the hero, not the whipping post when it comes to pricing.

Meet Jackie

Coach Jackie Leavenworth is a 37 year veteran in real estate. She coaches agents internationally and has presented her unique real estate strategies in all 50 states and 4 countries. Jackie LOVES to help agents develop identifiable points of difference to set them apart and succeed. Jackie is also one of our Certified CRS Instructors.

This webinar will show you how to:

  • Learn to only work with sellers who want to sell
  • Learn new dialogue for pricing that will shift the burden of success to the seller
  • Learn to manage seller expectations
  • Establish unique dialogues and systems to create a point of difference that will win the listing in tough competition

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