How to Analyze Investment Properties Using an APOD

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What to Expect

Many real estate agents represent investors or invest in real estate themselves. One way to analyze investment properties is through the annual property operating data (APOD). In this webinar we will look at how to calculate an APOD, what data you will need to determine to calculate the APOD, and what the results of the analysis provide when evaluating potential investment properties.

This webinar recording will show you how to:

  • Learn hot to calculate cash flow on an investment property.
  • Identify the net operating income of potential investment properties.
  • Learn how to use an annual property operating data (APOD) to analyze properties.
  • Determine potential investment properties by knowing their numbers.

Meet Dale

Dale has worked in the education field for over twenty-five years, working with non-profit organizations, under-grad students, universities, as an attorney, and largely in the real estate field. Dale is the owner of Carlton Realty, Inc. He was a broker during the sale of over $3 billion in properties, has personally sold/leased over $200 million in properties, and has owned, co-owned, or managed over 250 residential and commercial properties in Northwest Arkansas.

Here are some additional takeaways:

  • Calculate the cash flow of a potential rental property.
  • Determine the net operating income of a rental property.
  • Identify potential investments based on cash flow.

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